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The industry has invested disproportionally on the probability side of risk reduction - now we have an opportunity to reduce both the probability and the blast radius of cybersecurity incidents with zero trust architecture.

Saša Zdjelar, SVP, Security Assurance, Salesforce
CXO REvolutionary, Salesforce SVP to speak at
CXO Summit Live Houston
Kyle Fiehler, Sr. Transformation Analyst
When you’re charged with securing one of the world’s leading enablers of digital transformation, it pays to have Fortune 10 experience under your belt. Saša Zdjelar has plenty, spending more than 16 years with ExxonMobil before joining Salesforce.
As SVP, Security Assurance, Zdjelar oversees enterprise, product, and offensive security for the global software giant that employs over 70,000 and generates more than $26 billion in revenue annually.
The newly minted CXO REvolutionary will also join us for an upcoming CXO Summit Live in Houston on September 27th to outline the threat landscape as it appears from the heights of Salesforce Tower. His breadth of experience and depth of resources means you’re bound to learn something new.
Capping off the event, Chris Laping, the best-selling author of People before Things and former Chief Information/Innovation Officer, will deliver the closing keynote.
See the complete lineup of speakers and register here, or browse additional dates in more cities on the CXO Summit Live page.

A conversation with cybersecurity
hall-of-famer Dr. Ron Ross
On a special Cloudy with a Chance of Trust
The Cybersecurity Hall of Fame calls Dr. Ron Ross the "Father of the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) security standards," who is "recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on cyber security." As a NIST fellow, he has been assisting in the development of some of the most influential standards governing the cybersecurity industry for nearly 25 years.
Dr. Ross joined Cloudy with a Chance alongside host Pam Kubiatowski, Zscaler Field CTO and Brad Moldenhauer, Zscaler VP & CISO - Americas to discuss his career and provide a behind-the-scenes look at how NIST standards are developed. This conversation with one of the industry’s most respected practitioners is not to be missed.
CXO REvolutionaries:
Podcast Center
Tune in to the latest voices from across our community of CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs for actionable advice and get inspired by some of the most passionate personalities in the industry.
The responsibilities of security executives are morphing in response to macro global developments. Meanwhile, growing cyber risk and complex regulations are elevating the profile of CISOs and redefining their relationship with CIOs and the rest of the organization. CXO REvolutionary, board advisor, and former bp CISO Simon Hodgkinson and VP, Global Transformation Strategy Christoph Heidler cover the implications and share guidance for cyber and IT execs.
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Host Sean Cordero is joined by JP Saini, Chief Digital & Technology Officer at Sunbelt Rentals to discuss how seasoned security professionals can help address the global talent shortage in cybersecurity. Drawing from decades of combined experience, they discuss how these efforts directly contribute to better business outcomes, the importance of soft skills like empathy, failings of academia and how they may be addressed, along with other aspects of this pressing topic.
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Editor's Picks
Is globalization in decline? In his 2005 book, The World is Flat, the American commentator Thomas Friedman painted a picture of an interconnected world that would supposedly level the playing field for economic competitors. I would argue that we are now witnessing a reversal of this trend in the digital world.
Learn how fragmented data privacy laws
are testing CXOs
Are you familiar with the saying, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with?” It speaks to how our social environment and relationships can define the scope of our worldview and attitudes. Well, if your peer group has few connections to the IT industry, you may be unaware of the current opportunities in the field.
How to turn the cybersecurity skills shortage
into opportunity
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was not created to regulate technology, yet its cybersecurity proposals could seriously impact your organization. How did an agency founded to stabilize financial markets in the post-Depression era become involved in cybersecurity? More importantly, are you prepared for their cybersecurity proposals, or is your organization at risk of being blindsided?
What the SEC is prepared to say about cyber
Zero trust is often likened to a journey. And, as the proverb says, even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. But where to start? For better or for worse, there’s no single embarkation point for every zero trust transformation. Rather than leaping for some ideal end-state from the outset, I urge the people I talk with to ask why they’re setting out to begin with.
Read more advice on leading with what hurts
Much has been written, most of it circa early May, about the state of cybersecurity in the Star Wars universe. The franchise has even been the cause of some lively back-and-forth among respected journals and think tanks about problems endemic to the “cybersecurity culture” of that galaxy far far away.
Field CTO Brett James puts a zero trust spin
on the tradition
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