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Take bold architectural technology decisions: they pay off in the long term – sometimes much faster than you expect.

Helmuth Ludwig, Professor of Practice for Strategy and Entrepreneurship & Former CIO
Transformation is about the journey, not the destination
Kyle Fiehler, Sr. Transformation Analyst
"Most boards have very smart people on them that understand business, that understand things like credit risk and global risk. But very rarely do they understand anything about IT risk."
                – Andy Brown, CEO, Sand Hill East & Zscaler Board Member
Such are the challenges facing IT executives in organizations across the country, as we learned when we hit the road for our CXO Summit Live series. We traveled from Silicon Valley to Houston, Chicago to New York, listening to inspiring speakers including Nicole Perlroth, Chris Laping, and Dr. Gena Cox.
We heard of many of the same struggles, but also incredible advice from experienced and accomplished executives like this month’s featured CXO REvolutionary, Helmuth Ludwig. Ludwig spoke at CXO Summit Live Houston about his own journey leading a large-scale, company-wide transition to zero trust before becoming a university professor.
In October, members of our team also paused to reflect on what excites them about their field in light of Cybersecurity Awareness Month.
From the Office of the CISO:
Is your organization keeping up with advanced social engineering tactics?
Ben Corll, CISO - Americas, Zscaler
Email was once the main arena where social engineering attacks unfolded. But today, they’ve shifted from exploting this now well-protected vector to using social media sites to gather context like locations, roles, and photos to build dossiers on individual users.
After carefully crafting a believable false persona, scammers move through a predictable process of establishing contact and executing a scam.
These developments will be familiar to many CXOs. But, in many ways, that’s beside the point. What really matters is whether your employees are aware of them. That’s why I put together a list of recommendations for how you can make sure your security awareness programs reflect the reality of today’s threats.
Stay safe out there!
CXO REvolutionaries:
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Tune in to the latest voices from across our community of CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs for actionable advice and get inspired by some of the most passionate personalities in the industry.
In a first, host Sean Cordero welcomes accomplished venture capitalist to the show, Marcus Bartram, general partner at Telstra Ventures. Marcus has backed investments in such recognizable security ventures as CrowdStrike (a Zscaler partner). Throughout their conversation, Bartram explains what he looks for in an attractive cybersecurity investment, what startups look for in CISO and external advisors, and how to scale great ideas into a successful business.
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Praveen Bhasin, a managing partner at Tata Consulting Services (TCS), shares insights from his book of business and is bullish about life sciences, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. In this episode, he joins Sami Ramachandran, Zscaler managing director, M&A, Divestiture, and Private Equity, and show host Pam Kubiatowski to discuss TCS’s role in M&A and divestiture transactions and the underlying market conditions that drive them.
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Editor's Picks
In its eastward sweep across the U.S., the CXO Revolutionaries team recently completed successful events in Houston and Chicago on its way to New York. The executive events provided the opportunity to learn from and interact with top security personnel from major multinationals undergoing their own digital transformation journeys.
Read key takeaways from Houston and Chicago
Earlier this month, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) published its annual list of members' top priorities for the year ahead. Not surprisingly, cybersecurity and risk management have topped the list for several years running. But zero trust can help make them all more achievable.
Read how zero trust can help state CIOs
advance their goals

The NSA and CISA jointly released a report covering security considerations for Open RAN. Zscaler contributed to the security assessment where concerns were highlighted and advice offered to Open RAN designers and implementors. The objective is for the industry to step up innovation around 5G, edge, and radio technologies while mitigating cybersecurity concerns.
Read our interview with working group member
Dr. Ken Urquhart

Despite an economic downturn, corporate acquisitions have increased: the big are getting bigger. This trend is expected to continue over the next 16-24 months, and chances are high that your company will either acquire or get acquired. The question is, are you prepared from an IT and cybersecurity standpoint?
Learn how zero trust helps IT shorten time to value
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