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Transformation is about changing your environment, changing the way you work, and changing the way your team works.

Hanna Hennig, CXO REvolutionary, CIO, Siemens AG
Threat protection, transformation, soft skills, and diversity: the true mesh facing CXOs
Christopher Jablonski | Editor in Chief, CXO REvolutionaries
As they challenge the status quo and push their organizations to be more flexible and agile, leaders like CIO Hanna Hennig tactfully implement change and overcome barriers. Hennig and other influential experts like Michelle King, academic researcher and former Chief Diversity Officer at Netflix, covered these topics at last month’s Women in IT Executive Conference​​ – EMEA. The lessons shared about how decades-old thinking is still driving work culture and what to do about it, and the importance of respecting all identities and using soft skills are essential to all progressive executives. Watch the on-demand event.

The first global Zscaler Virtual CXO Summit, Resilience Against Ransomware: Zero Trust Best Practices for Threat Protection, took place last month and included keynotes from the first female White House CIO, Theresa Payton and Nicole Perlroth, New York Times cybersecurity reporter and author. Joined by Zscaler executives, CXO REvolutionaries, and customers, the event was a tour de force of insights and expertise for how to put a stop to the threat. Watch the on-demand event.

In addition to fortifying your security defenses and planning for a new generation of threats and applying zero trust principles, the public and private sectors need to cooperate and everyone needs to share threat information if we are to strengthen our interconnected security posture and overall resiliency. The journey will be bumpy and expect more high-profile attacks given how actors like nation-states are seizing opportunities like zero days for sabotage, manipulation, and political advantage.

From the Office of the CTO:
How zero trust stops ransomware in a nutshell
Adversaries use encrypted channels completely undetected across traditional network technology to unleash attacks across common cloud-based apps. Traditional firewalls were never designed to inspect SSL traffic so it is bypassed. The best defense comes down to a modern architecture that allows you to prevent compromise, prevent lateral movement, and prevent data loss. Zscaler’s cloud-native Zero Trust Exchange accomplishes all three, as depicted in the diagram below.

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Diversity and inclusion help power culture, business outcomes, and everything in between. Create an open culture and tolerance for change to make adopting new technologies and approaches easier.
Discover now
Ransomware is now not only on the minds of world leaders and company chiefs but also workers and their families as they discuss the latest high-profile attacks around dinner tables. The good news: we see more awareness and more action than ever before. The bad news: we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg of the threat sophistication that the future has in store. 
Learn what is next and how to prepare
Get familiar with the latest threats, including a campaign involving a new malware loader dubbed Squirrelwaffle, new attack vectors for the Trickbot and BazarLoader banking Trojans, and a new double-extortion ransomware variant called AtomSilo.
Secure your organisation
Business leaders understand the need to mitigate against cyber risk. They are now asking us to be less reactionary and to consume scarce resources wisely. What can we do to improve the effectiveness of the spend by increasing the longevity of the design, lower operating costs, increase adaptability, responsiveness, and coverage capabilities?
Join the revolution
There are a standard set of roadblocks when embarking on zero trust, including the fear of change, the struggle between network and security teams, defining a strategy, point solution sprawl, and letting go of legacy technology. Learn how to prevail from those who’ve done it.
Succeed where others have failed
In episode 14, Lisa and Pam speak to Ira about the evolution of “human security engineering” and how a zero trust architecture can deliver the right operating environment to proactively mitigate risks. 
Learn from the legends
The cost of simply being unprepared for ransomware is staggering, never mind the associated costs of a complete ransomware lifecycle and the potential ransom amount itself. Approach an incident as a project management concern and factor in common operational pitfalls in your planning.
Avoid chaos and have a plan
A deep transformation of SLED data infrastructure is absolutely critical to prevent and mitigate catastrophic future cyberattacks and essential for tackling critical challenges such as climate change mitigation and pandemic recovery and prevention. 
Let’s not leave our children behind
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