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Zscaler execs spell out the perils of legacy architecture at RSAC
Kyle Fiehler, Senior Transformation Analyst

“Don’t think lift and shift; think architectural change”

Zscaler CEO & Founder Jay Chaudhry helped open RSAC 2023 with this rousing call to action. At the Cloud Security Alliance's traditional summit, he invited executives from E.ON and Dow Chemical to describe their zero trust journeys and field audience questions.

Bryan Green, Zscaler CISO - Americas, advised on practical steps for mapping zero trust transformations to NIST's authoritative 800-207 special publication. Next, Global CISO Deepen Desai and Sudeep Singh, APT Research Tech Lead, presented threats posed to MFA by AitM attacks, which have been documented increasing in the wild.

Speaking of CISOs, we have plenty of them on CXO REvolutionaries Insights, where you can find ongoing advice from professionals at the top of their game, like Dawn-Marie Hutchinson, a top-five global CISO, according to CSO Magazine. Check in regularly to stay up-to-date with executive-focused and executive-authored analysis.

From the Office of the CTO:
CXO Insights: Evolution of zero trust and the security service edge (SSE)
Sanjit Ganguli, VP Transformation Strategy & Field CTO - Global Enterprise, Zscaler
With the recent publication of Gartner’s updated Magic Quadrant for Security Service Edge, we have been asked by a number of CXOs about this fast-growing solution category and how it relates to zero trust. The short answer is that they are closely intertwined.

Zero trust is a framework for securing organizations in the cloud and mobile world that asserts that no user or application should be trusted by default. Zero trust is a way of thinking that permeates across a number of areas, not just new architecture or technology. There are practical zero trust implementations from vendors, like Zscaler, that have solutions with zero trust frameworks at their core. Once deployed, zero trust technology provides secure access for users, things, and workloads to public or private destinations.

The most common taxonomy used to describe solutions with zero trust architecture is called Security Service Edge or SSE.
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When news broke that unknown actors were mailing exploding USB sticks to newsrooms in Ecuador, CISO Francis Yeow remarked that it fits a pattern of threat actors returning to their old tricks to attack their targets. While explosive capabilities may be new, threat actors have been smuggling malicious payloads into USB sticks since at least 2008.
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Even with all of the benefits associated with zero trust architecture (ZTA), there are still several obstacles that can either slow down or derail the journey. There are three common obstacles that technology leaders need to overcome.
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