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There’s power in building communities and sharing stories...the real value in CXO REvolutionaries is bringing together leaders across a diverse range of sectors to share knowledge and experience on the road to zero trust.

Karl Hoods, Chief Digital & Information Officer, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
What our readers loved about year one
Christopher Jablonski, Editor in Chief
Edition 12 of the CXO Voices newsletter marks the one-year anniversary of the CXO REvolutionaries program. It provided us with a chance to look back at what excited you – the reader – over the course of a very eventful 12 months.
To that end, we published a list of our top 10 articles highlighting what our readers cared about the most in the last year. Next, our CXOs gave their takes on how CXO REvolutionaries benefits big-thinking IT leaders. A sincere thank you to our contributors and site visitors alike for steering us in the right direction.
Zscaler EVP Customer Experience & Transformation Kavitha Mariappan also shared her thoughts on what was a “REvolutionary year.” Learn how this “community of good” keeps her hopeful, even when it can seem like the bad guys are winning.
Finally, to mark the occasion, in-house zero trust historian and Field CTO Lisa Lorenzin previewed her forthcoming white paper on the history of zero trust with A brief(er) history of zero trust: Major milestones in rethinking enterprise security. It’s essential reading for anyone interested in where the concept came from – and where it’s headed.
We didn’t take a break from convening trailblazing IT leaders, either. Have a look at the recap from our latest Virtual CXO Summit for smart takes from the APAC region, a flashpoint for cybercrime today.
Office Space: Cost savings hidden in plain sight
Craig Clay, Former Lead Connectivity Architect, Shell
Two recent megatrends have transformed our ideas about shared office space, likely forever. First, remote work has proven more effective than expected for many job roles, even for long periods. Second, the “great resignation” triggered a global talent search, and organizations can no longer afford to limit their search to locations where they have a physical corporate presence.
As these trends increase the viability of remote and shared-space working arrangements, operational and capital expenditures on corporate-owned office space should come under the microscope.
CXO REvolutionaries:
Podcast Center
Tune in to the latest voices from across our community of CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs for actionable advice and get inspired by some of the most passionate personalities in the industry.
Nobody can outrun a bear. In cybersecurity, attackers and threats are hard to outrun using traditional network protections. In this episode, hosts Pam Kubiatowski and Lisa Lorenzin explore new approaches that make it unnecessary to run and instead confidentially secure your modern, cloud-enabled, perimeter-less environment – so it's out of sight and out of the danger zone, leaving others less fortunate to "run from the bears."
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Host Phil Armstrong welcomes Kevin Dawson, President and CEO of ISA Cybersecurity, and Sean Cordero, CISO - Americas at Zscaler to discuss how the cat-and-mouse game of cybersecurity can lead to CIOs rushing from point to point solutions trying to lock down their organizations. They cover the fallibility of third-party risk assessments, an unwillingness of cyber-insurers to cover ransomware attacks, market confusion surrounding the "acts of war" clauses and designation, talent acquisition, and more.
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Editor's Picks & Events
CXO REvolutionaries will be out in force for our biggest customer event of the year. Join us for Zenith Live Americas on June 21-23 at Resorts World in Las Vegas.
To make travel easier for our customers we are also offering European Zenith Live in three of the largest cities: Paris (28 June), Munich (29 June) and London (30 June).
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Over the last few years, the term zero trust has taken on different meanings depending on the speaker's motives. So when we discuss it today, to any audience, we must take great care to be clear about what we mean. In the government sector especially, elected officials often aren’t the savviest in cutting-edge technology. Former Wisconsin CIO David Cagigal provides advice for being effective based on his experience here.
Read more about zero trust in the public sector
One of the oldest cliches about business is that the only constant is change. And while we’ve all heard that one too many times, it is, like many cliches, fundamentally true. It’s even more aptly applied to the tech world, and within that, to the cybersecurity world. So, how can IT leaders help their workforce keep pace? Former Synchrony CTO Greg Simpson has answers.
Learn to integrate upskilling into your management
The ninth commentary in the series “ Defining Zero Trust Security" covers the fundamentals of implementing a zero trust model for your organization including an overview of Zscaler’s platform offerings, solution elements, and partner ecosystem.
Get tips for implementing zero trust
Careem CISO Peeyush Patel talks about his company's decision to embrace a work-from-anywhere model and why he knew zero trust was essential for doing it securely. Get his top tips for experiencing the same successful transformation at your organization.
Read all of Peeyush’s advice here
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