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See it. Manage it. Secure it. You must be able to see something in order to manage it, and you must manage it in order to secure it.

Steve Williams, Enterprise CISO, NTT Data 
Bracing for digital war
Christopher Jablonski, Editor in Chief
Priority one: Cyberwarfare stemming from the Russia-Ukraine conflict poses a global cybersecurity threat with the potential to wreak havoc on critical infrastructures and organizations. Whether inflicted by nation-state-backed threat actors or malicious opportunists, organizations need to defend and buttress their infrastructures with patches, incident plans, and continuous surveillance of attack surfaces.
Consult the security advisory issued by Zscaler ThreatLabz for the latest information and review the detailed cyber activity observed surrounding the Russian-Ukraine conflict to better understand its cyber-dimension. Reach out to your Zscaler contact for a deeper assessment of best practices.

The employee experience is digital and measurable: how do you score?
Many organizations still lack a comprehensive understanding of their employee’s digital experience and how it influences the total employee experience, productivity, and business output. With so much riding on good digital experiences, what is your organization doing to measure and qualify this important metric?

Zscaler VP Transformation Strategy and Field CTO - Global Enterprise Sanjit Ganguli details the factors you should be tracking to get insights for improvement.
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Tune in to the latest voices from across our community of CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs for actionable advice and get inspired by some of the most passionate personalities in the industry.
Guest Martyn Ditchburn, director, transformation strategy at Zscaler, joins hosts Pam Kubiatowski and Lisa Lorenzin to recount his zero trust journey across the merger of companies, on- and off-network protection, and the COVID-19 transition. Using a modern approach to connect and secure users and apps in the cloud can radically speed up time to value for M&A, streamline admin overhead, and simplify the user experience.
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In this episode, host Phil Armstrong, President & CEO of Macanthium Ventures Inc. and CXO REvolutionary welcomes the former CIO of the State of Wisconsin, David Cagigal, and Zscaler Public Sector Chief Technologist Hansang Bae to analyze the January memo, including the short-term deliverables and what it will really take to succeed with a uniform cybersecurity strategy for federal agencies.
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Editor's Picks & Events
Moving to zero trust requires a willingness to change and a commitment to future-proofed investment. Join us for this event to learn from corporate security and risk-management innovators about how to kickstart or complete your journey.
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On Wednesday, February 24, 2022, Zscaler hosted the virtual CXO summit Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and Board Communications, bringing together industry thought leaders to discuss the risks of zero-day exploits and the importance of increased engagement with the C-suite and board of directors in response to accelerating risks threatening enterprises today. Zscaler EVP, Customer Experience & Transformation, Kavitha Mariappan explains in her takeaways.
Get tips for better board communication
Pro tip: Stop trying to cancel BYOD. It’s 2022, and IT and security folk have been debating the merits of BYOD since the mid-2000s. With all due respect to the previous seventeen years, it’s long past time that we wholeheartedly embraced BYOD. Zscaler CISO-Americas Bryan Green is confident that we can and must evolve, just as we did with SaaS, public cloud, and Zoom.
Read the viewpoint and decide for yourself
They say M&A is the new R&D, yet rarely do these journeys happen quickly or smoothly. But what if you can collapse the IT part of an M&A integration from quarters or even years to just weeks? Zscaler Field-CTO Pam Kubiatowski takes us through how organizations rapidly integrate acquisitions by simplifying the end-user experience with ubiquitous connectivity to authorized applications with minimal change management requirements.
Get the details on this powerful use case for zero trust
As security continues to evolve as a field, it’s essential for security managers to understand and incorporate the user experience at a deep level to obtain the best results. Chief Digital & Information Officer and Global Head, Wipro HOLMES™ (former) Rohit Adlakha shares why we need to consider the human perspective as we design new security strategies.
Get inspired to deliver a human-centered solution
“What is the IT organization’s role in this age?” asks Zsacler Director, Transformation Strategy, Brett James. It needs to reinvent itself to adapt and stay relevant to the enterprise. A cloud-first policy can help your organizations keep pace with the market and competitors. In the process, it redistributes staff to other non-IT groups and assists in reskilling others to retain their business knowledge.
Configure your team for the cloud age
In this first installment of pitfalls to avoid on the enterprise digital transformation journey to security service edge (SSE), consider solutions from a vendor with a proven track record of operating a global cloud platform that scales for performance and availability.
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