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Some things you just have to experience live
Daniel Ballmer, Senior Transformation Analyst

Information is on the internet, but experience isn’t.

If you were to search the internet, you would discover that Zscaler Founder, CEO, and Chairman Jay Chaudhry was born in a small village in India. He and his wife invested their life savings in a cybersecurity startup called SecureIT. He founded another three successful companies before his fifth business, Zscaler, became the world’s largest cloud-native zero trust security platform.

But search engines can’t tell you what it’s like to start from humble beginnings and build a global company that handles more daily transactions than Google. The internet cannot teach you how he did it, what it was like, or the lessons learned along the way.

This is why every year Zscaler gathers our customers, peers, and yes, our founder, at an event called Zenith Live. The internet dispenses information, but Zenith Live explores experiences. As Chaudhry puts it, “Zenith Live brings security practitioners, industry leaders, and technology experts together to discuss the most pressing, real-world cybersecurity challenges facing organizations today along with strategies and practical solutions to address them.”

Join us in Las Vegas from June 12-15 or Berlin from June 26-29 to experience the premier gathering of industry-leading tech professionals sharing their digital transformation experience and helping each other succeed.

Information is always available.
The Zenith Live ‘23 experience is only happening in June.
This is your chance.

Register to join us for Chaudhry’s keynote, Securing the Enterprise with Zero Trust for All—Users, Customers, Workloads, IoT/OT, live in person.

From the Office of the CISO:
Complexity will cost you. Vendors are counting on it
Tony Fergusson, CISO - EMEA, Zscaler
I spoke at a conference some time ago and used one of my favourite analogies, which compares zero trust to a Tesla EV and legacy networking to gas-powered cars. It’s a new way of thinking about things, I emphasized.

I had just finished presenting how great zero trust is as a framework – how it reduces complexity and cost while promising better security and more agile operations – when a hand shot up.

“If zero trust is so great,” the audience member asked, “why isn’t everyone already doing it?”

It’s a good question. I once asked it myself. Zscaler research suggests that more organizations (90%) have begun some type of zero trust initiative, but only 22 percent are confident that they are leveraging the cloud to its full potential. What’s the holdup?

Nevertheless, I replied with what I thought was a satisfying answer: “Inertia, basically.”
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