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Kavitha Mariappan EVP, Customer Experience & Transformation, Zscaler
For too long, cybersecurity has been relegated to the domain of IT.
Threat risk is business risk, and cybersecurity is business security.
Jay Chaudhry | Zscaler CEO 
Welcome to the official newsletter for CXO REvolutionaries; Reaction to nation’s new cybersecurity Executive Order; Zenith Live 2021 preview
Kavitha Mariappan
EVP, Customer Experience & Transformation, Zscaler
There’s never a dull moment in cybersecurity and the action is heating up like the summery days ahead. To help make sense of it all, this newsletter digest is a new way to make the CXO REvolutionaries community work for you. By delivering curated and condensed stories, tools, and reaction to content on the website, you’ll never miss a beat in the world of zero trust and beyond. Let’s get into it.

On the mind of all CXOs is the recent spat of evermore brazen ransomware attacks across the globe. President Biden’s Executive Order against cybercrime is widely applauded, but as Zscaler CEO Jay Chaudhry recently wrote, the heavy lifting is just getting started.

Zooming (not that zoom) in what you can do to contribute to the fight, Deepak Patel from the Office of the CEO at Zscaler says that Ransomware attacks can be mitigated and prevented, pointing to Norsk Hydro as the gold standard.

Go deeper with a pair of new excellent podcasts; over on The CISO’s Gambit the Zscaler CISO team discusses the Colonial Pipeline incident and the release of the new Executive Order while the pros on Cloudy with a Chance of Trust further unpack Biden’s call to action. Each one clocks in at less than 17 minutes, perfect for a break in between your meetings.

Lastly, Zenith Live 21 is just around the corner and in addition to the great keynotes and sessions, don’t miss the CXO Perspectives Panels.
From the Office of the CISO:
Security tips for your hybrid workforce
Whether you’ve been a remote-friendly company from the start or if the pandemic led your shift, the pendulum is about to swing back. Now’s the time to get ahead and review your policies, risks, and tools so that there are no hiccups as you phase back the COVID-aware, in-person work experience.
Assess the risks associated with office repatriation - Prepare for a surge of diverse endpoints, including company machines returning from residential life, BYOD, personal devices, and shadow IT. Quarantine devices, update policies and configurations, and dial up your zero trust strategy to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities.
Tune up your infrastructure - Take a look at your Wi-Fi controllers and make sure that they are reconfigured to address changes in capacity and workloads, and update any software for securing employee and guest Wi-Fi networks. Same goes for other impacted hardware.
Physical security - Campuses may have changed, office buildings closed or merged, and floor plans updated, which means a renewed appreciation for how sensitive information can be exposed. If departments now sit next to each other, or individuals from diverse teams hot desk, be sure to remind the org how to protect sensitive or confidential data.
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Reducing the IT Carbon Footprint: The Case for Green Security
Progressive CXOs recognize cloud-native IT architecture not just for its threat protection and efficiency, but for its potential to help enterprises reduce their carbon footprints. Learn how you can connect the dots between Zero Trust and ESG in episode 2 of the Zscaler Virtual CXO Summit Summer Series on June 30th (Americas) and July 1st (EMEA).  Learn more
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Quick assessment tool for your digital transformation progress
Quantify your journey status, see how you compare, and figure out how to get to the next level of maturity. Your first step is this self-guided interactive tool.
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ThreatLabZ Ransomware Review:
The Advent of Double Extortion
ThreatLabZ, the industry’s premier cloud threat research team, tracked ransomware campaigns from 2019 through 2021 to understand evolving techniques, at-risk industries, and vulnerable exploits. Download the report for the trends, insights, and prevention.
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