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Want your transformation to succeed? Declare war on inertia and technical debt
Christopher Jablonski, Director, CXO REvolutionaries & Community, Zscaler

Change is hard.

Why else would 20 and 30-year-old technologies and practices persist in data centers and network infrastructures amidst modern, superior alternatives?

Nowadays, digital disruption is even more common than when the term hit its peak popularity. Outpacing your incumbent and upstarts means taking advantage of every edge. For many, the pain of keeping a status quo defined by technical debt, inertia, and stagnation will soon be greater than the pain of change. Macroeconomic trends will force organizations to shed costly, outmoded approaches if they are to thrive in a world many say will become unrecognizable in just a few years.

Without simplifying and securing your IT environment with the most efficient and agile technologies while maintaining user productivity, you could be sowing a competitive disadvantage that underpins everything you do. Instead, ensure IT and security to best serve the business by embracing AI, cloud, and mobility to securely deliver meaningful data-driven customer experiences.

At last month’s Zenith Live events held in Las Vegas and Berlin, Zscaler leaders and customers took to the stage to essentially share this message in one way or another. Check out the coverage from IT Pro (the inspiration for this editorial), VentureBeat’s take on GenAI in cybersecurity, and a Forbes review that states we are on the path to smarter zero trust.

One more thing. Later this year, we will hold a series of CXO Exchange events, the ultimate gathering for leaders pursuing successfully secure digital transformation. Mark your calendars.

From the Office of the CISO:
Leveraging large language models (LLMs) for corporate security and privacy
Sam Curry, VP & CISO, Zscaler
The digital world is vast and ever-evolving, and central to this evolution are large language models (LLMs) like the recently popularized ChatGPT. They are both disrupting and potentially revolutionizing the corporate world. They’re vying to become a Swiss Army knife of sorts, eager to lend their capabilities to a myriad of business applications. However, the intersection of LLMs with corporate security and privacy warrants a deeper dive.

In the corporate world, LLMs can be invaluable assets. They’re being applied and changing how we collectively do business in customer service, internal communication, data analysis, predictive modeling, and much more. Picture a digital colleague that’s tirelessly efficient, supplementing and accelerating your work. That’s what an LLM brings to the table.
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Zscaler welcomed customers, prospective customers, journalists, and industry analysts to our annual Zenith Live user conference in Las Vegas this month to showcase the results of our product and engineering teams over the past year. These innovations in AI-enabled security, data-driven business intelligence insights, and product enhancements promise to strengthen an already impressive platform.
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No matter where your organization stands on the road to zero trust – even if it hasn’t yet set out – your next step just became a little clearer. CISA’s newly released In May, Google generated a tempest in the cybersecurity teakettle by announcing Google Registry was launching eight new top-level domains: .dad, .phd, .prof, .esq, .foo, .zip, .mov and .nexus. What’s the problem? In a nutshell, these new TLDs introduce the possibility of user confusion (either intended or unintended) that could lead to a breach.
How big of a deal are Google’s new top-level domains?
to defend against increasingly sophisticated attacks that often use the same capabilities. One way is by acting on timely and sophisticated AI-driven risk and exposure insights.
Learn how AI stands to revolutionize risk reporting
With the hype around large language models (LLMs) like Chat-GPT, knowing what a business should do can take time. Here’s my take on what every business needs to do regarding artificial intelligence today. First, every business needs an AI strategy.
Getting granular with your AI implementation strategy
Cybersecurity is an unfair, asymmetric race. For years, we have studied the opponent, from the Kill Chain™ to MITRE ATT&CK, and have inadvertently lionized the attacker’s course and journey from sniffing at the front door to pwning our systems and networks.
How deception technologies could change the game
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Featuring FAQs from thousands of executive interactions, Seven Questions Every CXO Must Ask About Zero Trust is the essential companion for IT and security executives considering or in the midst of a zero trust rollout. Coauthor, Zscaler Vice President of Transformation Strategy and Field CTO Sanjit Ganguli joined The CIO Evolution to explain how the book came to be and the questions it seeks to answer.
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