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CXO REvolutionary, EVP & CIO (former), Diversified Entertainment Corporation
Gone are the days of pushing off technical problems to IT teams.
Technology is the core of most modern business enterprises, and
that reliance is only becoming more pronounced as time goes on.
Les Ottolenghi | CXO REvolutionary, EVP & CIO (former), Diversified Entertainment Corporation 
Cybersecurity’s ascent to the boardroom; The case for green security; CXO Leadership Awards
Christopher Jablonski | Editor-in-Chief, CXO REvolutionaries
Like tag team wrestlers, COVID-19 and cyberattacks have tested the resilience of organizations across the globe. With the pandemic now in retreat, cyberthreats are taking center stage. US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin discussed it in Geneva last month, and the European Commission announced greater cross-border coordination against cybercrime.

Faced with this picture, we lead off this month’s newsletter with a pair of essential stories by Les Ottolenghi, a CXO Revolutionary and a former EVP & CIO. In the first article, Les covers how directors can achieve better cybersecurity governance for their organizations. The second explores the dependency of data privacy and regulatory compliance on a sound security posture with steps CIOs can take to aid compliance. These topics are central to everyone if digital transformation is to succeed.

+ Navigating the New Cyber-Threat Landscape: Zero Trust Risk Measurement and Mitigation Best Practices by Kavitha Mariappan, EVP, Customer Experience & Transformation [NACD article]

+ Reaction to Trusted Internet Connections TIC 3.0 CISA TIC Program Manager, Sean Connelly and Zscaler Federal CISO, Danny Connelly discuss and what it means for the federal government [CISO’s Gambit podcast]

+ CISA Executive Order for Cybersecurity [video]

Boards have also put environmental, social, and governance (ESG) on their agendas and technology CXOs play a major role. Our most recent CXO Summit explored clean cybersecurity and the carbon-footprint benefits of moving to the cloud. Discover the potential savings

CIOs, CTOs, CISOs often go above and beyond to deliver transformations that change the way their organizations work and the value they deliver to customers. The new CXO REvolutionaries 2021 Leadership Awards
celebrates these change agents and visionaries. CXO REvolutionaries align new technology and business goals using innovative thinking and leadership so that organizations can be more agile and resilient. Nominate an executive today.
From the Office of the CISO:
Zero Trust: Better at the edge or the endpoint?
The Zscaler CISO team recently tackled recurring questions about Secure Access Service Edge (SASE): What does it mean for endpoint security? Is it a realistic option to base your security stack? Here’s what Brad Moldenhauer, Zscaler CISO - Americas, has to say:

Similar to other SASE use cases like zero trust and secure web gateway, endpoint security is essential. Endpoint security doesn’t require hardware so that you can continue to work solely with software-defined and cloud-delivered solutions. By unifying features that include endpoint security, SASE solutions enable a user-centric approach for organizations. To manage the risks of the work-from-anywhere landscape, consider which devices users prefer, what operating systems they use, and from which networks they connect. A unified secure edge network and endpoint security will learn from each other and can inoculate business and data assets through telemetry sharing. This ultimately augments your security posture and visibility, which is essential for CISOs as enterprise risk can be seen, managed and mitigated.

For more on this topic, listen to episode 7 of the CISO's Gambit: SASE: Secure Access Service…Endpoint?
Modern enterprise security is a big data problem and it’s best solved in the cloud
Zscaler has identified and stopped 6.6 billion threats hidden inside encrypted traffic last year, a 260% increase from 2019. As transactions increase so do blocked treats, to the tune of 100 million each day. Support tickets trending in the opposite direction at 2.7 per billion transactions means scale and stability are sharing an impressive trajectory.
Learn more about these staggering figures only possible with a cloud platform in this article by REvolutionary and Zscaler Transformation Strategist, Sudip Banerjee.
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The secret behind a successful zero trust project is no secret at all; it’s the human element
CXO REvolutionary Greg Simpson argues that the success of complex projects like moving to the cloud and adopting zero trust is not just about matching technology to business objectives, but also overcoming inertia, up-skilling, creating the right team, and communicating a compelling technology vision for the future.  Learn more
Don’t “Save Face” as a CISO:
Let Zero Trust accelerate change
CISOs are fighting a front-line battle against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. Now is not the time to double-down on legacy technology and infrastructure in order to "save face."Instead, use Zero Trust to improve security and performance, as argued by CXO REvolutionary, Phil Armstrong.
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Productivity, Efficiency, and Speed: Why Digital Experience Matters
Episode 3 of the Zscaler Virtual CXO Summit focuses on making the digital experience for your end users smooth, available, and as fast as possible all while delivering powerful zero trust cybersecurity. AMERICAS | EMEA
Reducing the Risk and Complexity of Secure Cloud Deployment (APJ)
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