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2022 will undoubtedly see the continued increase in cyber threats that will overwhelm old security paradigms. In response, enterprises need to focus on modern concepts like zero trust architectures because true digital transformation programs can’t ignore security innovation.

Karl Hoods,  Chief Digital and Information Officer, Department for Business, 
Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
Running the digital transformation marathon
Christopher Jablonski, Editor in Chief
New beginnings invite pause and renewal—looking back at achievements and setbacks. And, more importantly, the setting of new goals.

As IT and cybersecurity leaders take stock of their digitalization progress, many compare it to running a marathon. Some like Karl Hoods, Chief Digital and Information Officer at the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and a CXO REvolutionary and runner lead the pack. With careful planning, intelligent use of the right technologies, and avoiding “hitting the wall,” his organization is helping the UK drive sustainable energy initiatives. His take on the commonality between a marathon and digital transformation doesn’t mince words:

There are no shortcuts when it comes to completing a marathon. If you don’t train properly, you may never reach the finish line and, worse, you could get injured. And it is the same with a digital transformation. Without strategic planning, setting goals, and patiently working through the process, you could end up with a solution that doesn’t achieve your objectives and can’t support your evolving business needs.

Every industry and organization is running a unique digital transformation marathon, influenced by the pandemic, regulations, competition, and evolving solutions. Whether you feel like you are in the first mile (or kilometer) or have the finish line in sight (if that is even possible in our industry), we wish you success in your journey in 2022 and beyond.

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From the Office of the CISO:
Log4j: Logging my first podcast
By Sean Cordero, CISO, Customer Exp. & Transformation
As a newcomer to Zscaler, I’m amazed by the opportunities we have to express our ideas. As the new producer and host of the podcast, The CISO’s Gambit, my first episode with guest Deepen Desai, the Global CISO and Head of Security Research at Zscaler focused on the most important topic last month: the Log4j vulnerability. We discussed the steps to reduce future exposure and impacts the next time a similar vulnerability surfaces. To my friends who have been part of my journey to Zscaler - you keep inspiring me to drive change across our industry and I look forward to interviewing many of you on this podcast in 2022.

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In a year characterized by supply-chain vulnerabilities and the scourge of ransomware attacks, @Zscaler EVP Kavitha Mariappan finds optimism in #ZeroTrust, hybrid workforce productivity, and the potential of diverse governance. 
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Last month’s ThreatLabZ update includes: holiday shoppers targeted for cybertheft, DarkHotel resurfaces with a new attack chain, Log4j threatens...well, pretty much everyone and new State of Cloud (In)Security highlights org readiness challenges.
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If your malware problem is eclipsed by your adversary problem it’s time for active defense. In this podcast, guest Sahir Hidayatullah, VP, Active Defense at Zscaler, covers the latest strategies for marrying zero trust with active defense and how the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange helps make it seamless. 
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Consider the entire life cycle of an employee to ensure that you're building a team that will perform and last. Based on the experience of CXO REvolutionary Greg Simpson, here are 7 Rs of the life cycle of employee engagement.
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Solving the climate crisis will require everyone to step up, but ESG-conscious corporations can lead the way with energy optimizations that can be passed on to the rest of the world. The global water crisis is underrated in sustainability discussions and efforts like Zscaler's 100% renewable energy achievement for all its physical sites globally contribute to a green future. 
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