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Zscaler, CrowdStrike CEOs set to take the stage at first-ever Global CISO Exchange
Kyle Fiehler, Senior Transformation Analyst
True zero trust involves verifying the identity and context surrounding a resource request, controlling content and access based on factors including device posture, and enforcing policy decisions on a per-request basis.
To do this effectively requires an ecosystem of technology partners with specialized capabilities. By partnering with the leading EDR firm Crowdstrike, Zscaler is able to ensure that the correct policies are instantaneously implemented based on device posture and request context.
We are thrilled to announce that CrowdStrike President, CEO and Co-founder George Kurtz will join us in Miami for the inaugural Global CISO Exchange on Feb. 16-17. Kurtz and Zscaler CEO and Founder Jay Chaudhry will take the stage to discuss the importance of best-of-breed solutions for securing the enterprise.
Zscaler CISO Deepen Desai will lead a number of talks at the conference, sharing his experiences with running the world’s largest security cloud. Desai will also present findings from the Zscaler internal threat research team, ThreatLabz, which he heads.
Learn more about this one-of-a-kind, CISO-focused event.
From the Office of the CISO:
Locking down the git in GitHub
Brad Moldenhauer, VP & CISO - Americas, Zscaler
For security professionals, third-party security risk concerns predate cloud computing. But as SaaS-based applications have exploded and integrations have tightened, so has the risk. This is especially true for organizations that rely on source code repositories like GitHub, which recently made news for two high-profile breaches involving customer data.
The first involved Okta, a prominent identity management and authentication solution provider. The second breach, which occurred in the first week of January, targeted Slack's chat service.
What steps can organizations using GitHub, the world’s most popular source code repository, take to protect themselves against a similar breach since they don’t own or manage GitHub’s architecture and can’t directly oversee its security? Should they continue to use GitHub at all?
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A debate swirling since at least last summer – about the wisdom of banning compromised companies from making payments to ransomware actors – was sparked again recently when Australia broached the possibility of doing just that. While stalled at the federal level in the U.S., these ideas are gaining traction elsewhere.
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