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A stable, reliable digital infrastructure is essential for tackling critical challenges such as climate change mitigation and pandemic recovery and prevention.”

David Cagigal, CXO REvolutionary, Former CIO of Wisconsin
The ‘overview effect’ in cybersecurity
Christopher Jablonski | Editor in Chief
Welcome to the seventh edition of CXO Voices and the final monthly newsletter of the year. There’s much to share and little room, so be sure to visit CXO REvolutionaries regularly.

This edition’s featured REvolutionary is David Cagigal, Former CIO of Wisconsin. He has his eye on the long term reminding us to view the bigger picture, a fitting theme as we head toward the contemplative part of the year. If you haven’t yet taken in his impassioned views on how to improve public sector cybersecurity and simplify it for SLED you’re in for a dose of inspiration and a cognitive shift in what is at stake.

Looking at the wide-angle view for information security, the impact of technology on the climate is a shared concern and responsibility. Efforts like Zscaler’s recent achievement of powering its offices and more than 150 data centers with 100% renewable energy is a step in the right direction. Eliminating threats and carbon emissions at the same time sounds like win-win.

Other top executive concerns include DEI, China, and AI, which we also cover:

Diversity in cybersecurity
Encouraging diversity in cybersecurity culture isn’t just an ethical prerogative. It’s right for business. Zscaler EVP, Customer Experience & Transformation, Kavitha Mariappan discusses why organizations must amplify the voices of underrepresented communities to strengthen a universal security posture on Techstrong TV. Watch now
The Great Firewall of China
The patchwork of technical and regulatory requirements in mainland China results in “choke points” for content providers and their customers who grapple with application availability and performance issues. In this Cloudy with a Chance of Trust podcast, guest Misha Kuperman, Zscaler SVP of Cloud Operations & Ecosystems who puts it all into a cybersecurity perspective. Listen now
The state of artificial intelligence, trust, and cybersecurity
In the latest episode of The CIO Evolution, guest host Rohit Adlakha, a CXO Revolutionary and former Chief Digital & Information Officer and Global Head, Wipro HOLMES™ welcomes Zscaler pros Howie Xu, VP of ML/AI, and Ken Urquhart, Global Vice-President, 5G to shed light on the top opportunities and concerns for AI. Listen now

From the Office of the CISO
Cybersecurity is more than protection
By Ira Winkler, CISSP, Contributor
In the mid-1990s, I worked on a study for the United States secretary of defense that defined defensive information warfare, which is now essentially known as cybersecurity. Leading the effort was a brilliant person whose perspective added a lot of value and ended up shaping my point of view on the field:

"We obviously need protection, but protection will inevitably fail. Therefore, we need to implement it, but detection and reaction are as important, if not more important, as protection will inevitably fail."

From that point on, I've embraced this idea and embedded it in everything I do because it's essential as a defender. At the same time, it's also critical to intelligent attackers. When I speak to former special forces and intelligence operatives friends about their former professions, they always tell me the lengths they went through not to get caught by an adversary. They always realized that they could get caught if they slipped up or because someone else was in the wrong place at the right time, such as a guard sleeping on the job, hiding somewhere you would never expect them. Frankly, this is how you know someone is good at their position in offensive operations; they never think they are too smart to get caught. The bad spies always think they are too good to get caught.

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