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Getting practical with generative AI
Chris Jablonski, Director, CXO REvolutionaries & Community

If there were ever a technology that accelerated from 0 to 60 as fast as a McLaren hypercar, it would be OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The record-breaking human-like AI bot mushroomed to 100 million users within the first two months of its launch and 13 million daily visitors in January.

The internet is buzzing with generative AI debate and discussion, but our coverage of artificial intelligence and machine learning goes back to the beginning of CXO Revolutionaries about two years ago. Logically, we were initially focused on applications in cybersecurity like threat intelligence. Today the spotlight is on large language models, conversational user interfaces, and other supporting technologies.

In this collection, we revisit our catalog of related AI content, with Zscaler VP of AI/ML Howie Xu primarily at the helm. Xu and his team recently built ZChat to demonstrate the potential of virtual assistants to help generate answers, insights, and decision support at unprecedented speed and ease.

Settle in and enjoy this curated evolutionary tour of AI in the enterprise.
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From the Office of the CTO:
Enhance security while lowering IT overhead in times of recession
Gary Parker, Field CTO, Zscaler
“Is cybersecurity recession-proof?” That’s the question on the minds of many security professionals and executives as a possible economic downturn of indeterminate length and severity looms and many organizations are tightening their belts.

While research suggests that IT spending is showing some immunity to economic headwinds – Gartner is still predicting growth this year, albeit slower than last – CIOs are increasingly pressured to make strategic contributions to the business. For many organizations, this includes driving efficiencies through digital transformation.
Editor's Picks
International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month commemorate the progress women have made toward equality and raising awareness of the need for continued progress. We’ve achieved some fantastic milestones this past year and have a lot to celebrate. But examining where society falls short is critical to continued growth and progress.
A Zscaler executive's reflections on International Women's Day
A successful digital transformation cannot be achieved by using antiquated networking concepts, tiptoeing toward change, and avoiding risk. Thinking about enterprise security in terms of hub-and-spoke architecture and VPNs is taking a long journey down a dead-end path. There is only one network, the internet, and it is beyond the control of any business organization.
A former GE CIO & CTO explains the zero trust mindset
Digital transformation occurs not only in technology but also in a number of non-technology areas. These include changes in culture and mindset, organizational structure, processes, and skill sets. While often not prioritized during secure digital transformations, these areas all play a critical role in its success.
Why technology isn’t the end-all be-all of digital transformation
It’s an unfortunate reality that APIs are easy to expose but difficult to defend. By acting as translators between applications, they have become the favored tools for ensuring apps of varied origins play nicely together. Most agree that API calls make up the majority of internet traffic. Unfortunately, their popularity presents security challenges.
Why APIs are a headache for security teams – and what to do about it
TCP/IP-based communications have been the cornerstone of corporate networks for more than 30 years. They work brilliantly when everything is uniform and contiguous. But what if you want to join two networks together? The harsh reality of technically joining two organisations is that address spaces overlap and are often not contiguous.
Accelerating transactions by abandoning networks
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Tune in and zone out to stories of digital business and cybersecurity excellence from across our CXO community.
Zscaler CISO-Americas Benjamin Corll and Brad Moldenhauer join host Sean Cordero to discuss the hottest cybersecurity topics at Miami's recent Global CISO Exchange. What problem has CISOs brainstorming in their hallway conversations? Where do industry leaders believe AI/ML is headed? Why are some businesses still afraid of the cloud? Discover these answers and more about partners, integration, and the future of cybersecurity.
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Business continuity planning has become a board-level conversation. With so many resources now living in the cloud, outages threaten organizations' very survival. Host Pam Kubiatowski welcomes Harsha Nagaraju, Sr. director, product marketing to the show to discuss the features and capabilities Zscaler offers to enhance clients' resilience against minor and catastrophic failures of public cloud service providers.
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Personalized and role-specific, a new wave of virtual assistants is poised to upend everything from dashboards and time-to-insight to app interfaces and workflows. However, with that power also comes peril, as AI-related security, bias, and trust issues spur debate. Zscaler’s Sr. Vice President of New Initiatives, Raj Krishna, and Howie Xu, Vice President of AI and Machine Learning and creator of ZChat, unpack the latest in AI developments.
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