Tick-tock! Using cloud security to accelerate M&A integration

While mergers & acquisitions drive growth for companies, they present a significant challenge for the IT team who must bring two disparate companies' systems together in a rapid, secure and reliable way.

Before a transaction even closes, expectations and milestones are set for integration and the pressure associated with the cost of delay is significant. In the past, IT would spend all their time on capacity planning, retiring hardware, buying bigger hardware, adding software licenses and decommissioning software.

Today, the cloud changes everything and suddenly, M&A strategies can be a catalyst for IT transformation.

Kunal Shah
Senior Product Manager
Zscaler, Inc.
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Join this webcast featuring Senior Product Manager at Zscaler, and find out how the cloud lets you completely redefine your next M&A integration process:

  • Reduce the risk of delay: give employees secure access to applications within hours or days not weeks or months
  • Reduce the cost of integration: by leveraging the cloud to integrate without significant hardware, licensing or software costs
  • Reduce the pain of integration: allow seamless integration between companies without the risk of open network access.