Zscaler Security and Risk Assessment

Manage and Reduce Real Cyber Risk

IT security should use a proven security framework. Understanding that framework and how it relates to your organization is an important step for minimizing risk.

The Security and Risk Assessment (SRA) uses the NIST Cyber Security Framework to take a deep look at your organization’s security strategies and capabilities.

Designed for a customer CISO or head of information security, SRAs helps the security owner implement a security strategy with reference to:

  • Cost/resource justification
  • Complementary or non-technical control coverage
  • Control/compliance relationships
  • Alignment to business security goals

Zero day Protection overview and heatmap.

Three simple steps to an SRA:


Request a Zscaler CISO-led SRA meeting. Let us know anything specific you’d like to discuss.


Contact from Zscaler security experts to schedule a meeting.


Discuss a framework that aligns security transformation objectives to digital transformation strategy.

Contact us and a representative will reach out to you.

Download the solution brief for more information on what a Zscaler CISO-led SRA meeting can provide.