An Interactive Zscaler
Architectural Whiteboard Workshop

Digital Transformation Illustrated Virtually

You’ve probably been hearing a lot of talk about digital business transformation.

But has anyone talked to you about what it means for your organization? Why does it matter? What does it entail and how do you start? In this interactive video whiteboarding session, you’ll have the chance to hear from experts about the drivers of digital transformation, get answers to your questions, and learn how to take the first steps—or the next steps—on your journey.

We’ll cover a range of topics, including the Gartner SASE framework and other digital business enablers, SD-WAN and the changing branch architecture, IT simplification and cost reduction, the need to support work-from-home initiatives, the benefits of cloud-native security that supports secure, any-to-any connectivity, and much more.


Audience: Technology leaders, Architects (enterprise, network, and security), Infrastructure engineers
Duration: 60 minutes
Seating Capacity: 20

Course Dates:

Wednesday, May 19th, 2021
12:00 pm ET / 9:00 am PT

What we’ll discuss 
(depending on your questions and concerns)

How the cloud and mobility are driving the transformation of applications and network and security infrastructures

Why Gartner says that digital business transformation shifts network and security services away from the data center and to user identity

How zero-trust network access (ZTNA) fits into your transformation strategy by allowing private application access from any device 

What it means now that the internet is your primary transport network

The impact of Office 365 on your network

Networking issues (MPLS, SD-WAN, internet egress, DNS, etc.)

The security stack (firewall, IPS, SWG, AV, DLP, sandbox, CASB, etc.)

Enabling a remote workforce and access for third-party contractors and customers

Your changing application environment in the data center, IaaS, and SaaS

Meet The Speaker

As the Customer Success, Global Leader, Bill Lapp is responsible for ensuring customers finally get to experience what it is like for a technology company to live up to its pre-sales promises and provide truly transformational outcomes, a quality experience, and world class engagement.

Bill started out his illustrious career by dropping out of high school and working in auto collision repair. After realizing that he has a complete lack of hand eye coordination and had ruined one too many cars he re-enrolled in school. Upon completing his BS/MS in Computer Science at WPI he timed the job market perfectly by graduating in 2001, a time now referred to as the ‘Dot Com Bubble Burst’. He quickly accepted a job at MIT that provided plenty of fun and sun on the beach but neglected to read the fine print that the beach was in the middle of the South Pacific and he would be responsible for tracking and shooting down nuclear missiles.

After shooting down an ICBM or two and saving the free world he observed his colleagues jumping on the corporate hamster wheel and thought “the grass is always greener” right? He re-enrolled in school, received his MBA from Babson College, and spent 15 years doing software development, crisis management and pre-sales in the big data, unified communications, security, and networking industries across international, government, education, large enterprise and startup environments. While doing pre-sales at the big iron tech company he would often hear “don’t confuse selling with installing”. Today at Zscaler he is happily "confusing selling with installing” and leads the global Customer Success organization.


Bill Lapp

Solution Architecture, Global Leader 


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