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Advances in ransomware attacks and how to defend against them

Ransomware has increased in velocity and sophistication, with $20B in reported damages in 2020. Recent attacks like the colonial pipeline and JBS clearly shows the attackers are evading traditional defenses, leveraging encryption, trusted third-party apps, and double-extortion techniques, making it impossible not to pay the ransom.

The influx of ransomware attacks led many of us to consider:

  • Why are ransomware attacks increasing?
  • How much ransom are organizations paying?
  • Who is behind these attacks? And what are their tactics?
  • How can I protect my organization?

Join Zscaler threat experts in this rapid-fire 20-min knowledge boost session, as they share the latest trends in ransomware, the people, and their tactics behind these attacks. They will provide critical insights into the latest ransomware trends, vulnerabilities, attack sequences and share prevention best practices on how to stay safe from future ransomware attacks with a Zero Trust architecture.

Don't worry. In 20 minutes, you will learn how to build better defenses against ransomware.

Meet The Speaker

Brett Stone Gross
Threat Intelligence

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