What Comes After VPN?

In the direct-to-Internet world, the old approach to secure access won't work
 Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 | Americas - 8:30 AM PDT (16:30 UK, 17:30 CET)

Virtual Private Networks, the de facto standard for employee and third-party access to internal applications, were designed almost twenty years ago to make users feel as if they were on the corporate network. Unfortunately, the VPN process creates a terrible user experience, regardless of whether applications are on a public cloud (Azure, AWS) or in the corporate data center. IT is forced to resort to “unnatural acts of networking” to segment and secure valuable assets, creating a cumbersome solution that no one would choose if they were building it from scratch. The problem is that no one has built a viable alternative to the VPN… Until now.

Denzil Wessels
Senior Director
Product Management
Zscaler, Inc.
Lisa Lorenzin
Principal Solutions Architect
Zscaler, Inc.

Zscaler Private Access is what comes next in the world of secure access to internal applications. Join industry veteran Denzil Wessels who will share how years of experience building, deploying, and securing VPNs has culminated in a simple solution that you can deploy today.

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