What Comes After VPN?

Enabling Application Access With Zscaler

No More M&Ms: transitioning from legacy VPN to modern SDP with Zscaler Private Access

Many IT teams used an “M&M” approach to design network security: create a hard shell or perimeter around the soft interior. For remote users, traditional L3 VPNs extend that perimeter, placing remote users' endpoints directly onto the enterprise network. This puts the enterprise's network and data at risk from a range of threats - compromised credentials can lead to unintended exposure, as attackers move laterally throughout the network environment.

The hard, brittle network perimeter method is giving way to a new approach: the software- defined perimeter (SDP), where authenticated users on authorized devices are provided access only to specific applications. Migration to a software-defined perimeter can appear challenging – how do you transition from network access over a L3 IPsec VPN, to application access for authorized users on approved devices?

Lisa Lorenzin
Emerging Technology Solutions
Zscaler, Inc.
Lisa Lorenzin
Principal Solutions Architect
Zscaler, Inc.

Zscaler customers are invited to join an interactive webcast with Lisa Lorenzin, Director of Emerging Technology Solutions, as she explains how to deploy Zscaler Private Access for application discovery, policy-based private application access, and design a seamless migration from legacy VPN to modern SDP for remote users.

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