On-Demand Webinar

Leveraging Threat Intel From the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

Zscaler customers are always looking for better ways to leverage the trove of threat intel they receive from the world’s largest security cloud. The Zscaler Cloud detects and blocks millions of threat indicators every day across our 6,700+ customers worldwide including:

Join this webinar and learn why legacy firewalls, in any form, are not built for zero trust. This session will detail:

  • Evolving ransomware campaigns
  • Customized tooling to evade defenses and move laterally
  • Obfuscated data exfiltration techniques

In this webinar, our ThreatLabz experts will explain how to detect highly evasive Cobalt Strike C2 beacons using the Zscaler platform. Watch them demonstrate the kill chain of this threat and learn to build toolkits to detect it in your SIEM.

Learn how, as a Zscaler customer, you can tap into our white-glove security service to augment your existing SOC and threat hunting teams. Using real-world case studies we will showcase our deliverables:

  • Curated intelligence
  • Analytics and hunting capabilities
  • Plug and play defender toolkits
  • Expert advisory



Matt Sidhu
Director, Emerging Products

Sudarshan Pisupati
 Principal Security Research Engineer

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