On Demand Webinar

Zscaler Enhances SSE Solution With Advanced Cloud Resilience Capabilities

With apps hosted in the cloud and people working everywhere, business continuity today depends on maintaining resilient and secure connectivity at all times.

Learn from Jay Chaudhry, Zscaler CEO, Chairman and founder about Zscaler Resilience – the industry’s first SSE cloud resilience offering to provide protection across blackouts, brownouts and black swan failure events.
Hear from Jay, and product leaders about how to stay resilient in the face of unforeseen events:

  • Requirements for cloud resilience and business continuity
  • Zscaler's unique approach to cloud resilience
  • How you can improve your business continuity game with Zscaler Resilience.


Jay Chaudhry
CEO, Chairman & Founder

Lidor Pergament
Principal Product Manager

Jon Mahes
Sr. Manager, Cybersecurity
Cox Automotive

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