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Zero Trust Goes Beyond Just Employees

How do I enable zero trust network access for employees in a seamless and simple way

This is the question many IT leaders are asking themselves. While the desire to achieve a zero trust posture for employees is great, this mindset must also extend to merged/acquired users, partners, vendors, and contract employees.

These external users need access to your private apps, but pose a set of additional challenges. How do you now extend zero trust access to users who are accessing from multiple identity providers and in some cases unmanaged devices?

Gartner recommends organizations embrace zero trust network access (ZTNA) technologies.

You will learn in this webinar:

    • Why traditional approaches create unnecessary security challenges
    • About ZTNA technologies and how they enable zero trust for external users
    • How ZTNA integrates with multiple identity providers to minimize complexity
    • How to enable a seamless experience for any users, even with different IDPs

About the Speaker:

Kunal Shah, Principal Product Manager, Zscaler

Kunal Shah has more than 10 years of hands-on product management experience in the field of Internet and Cloud Security, Networking, Data Path, IoT, NFV, DLP and Compliance, NPM and User Experience Monitoring.

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