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Your Guide to User Experience Success in China

Options for extending fast, secure, and reliable connectivity to China

As your business expands operations in mainland China, ensuring a good user experience for your employees based there is essential. However, the region’s unique regulatory and business environment can sometimes make application performance less consistent and reliable.

Join Amir Levy, Director of Cloud Platform Product Management at Zscaler, as he explores the challenges and opportunities of transforming user experience and productivity in mainland China. You’ll see how Zscaler continues to redefine fast, reliable, and secure internet and SaaS access for the cloud-first enterprise.

Let our expert show you how you can:

  • Overcome the regulatory and business challenges of connecting your China-based employees to international websites and SaaS apps
  • Enable reliable internet connectivity and a better user experience for employees accessing SaaS apps like Microsoft 365 and Salesforce
  • Reduce costs and complexity by providing security and premium internet access as a unified SaaS solution with Zscaler China Premium Access

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Amir Levy
Director of Cloud Platform Product Management

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