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Preparing for the Reopen: What ZPA Brings to Security, User Experience, and Compliance

Our world has changed—with the majority of employees now working remotely and accessing data with personal devices or managed devices via unverified home networks. This leaves these devices vulnerable to malware, making them what we call “dirty devices.”

When offices eventually reopen and employees return, these dirty devices will be placed back on office networks. Any malware on the device can then spread across the network and propagate laterally, infecting devices and servers, as well as posing a significant risk to the enterprise network and infrastructure.

Join Kunal Shah, Principal Product Manager of ZPA at Zscaler, and Tony Fergusson, Director of Transformation Strategy at Zscaler, as they discuss strategies to safely bring these dirty devices back onto the corporate network when employees return, preventing them from harming your network.

Join the conversation to learn:

  • How zero trust network access (ZTNA) can combat the inherent trust of suspect dirty devices and the potential for over privileged access to applications by providing secure access via local connections.
  • How to combat latency and performance issues while providing consistent policies and controls no matter where the user is connecting from.
  • How to provide application connectivity services locally to users, ensuring compliance with the industry or country regulations.

About Speakers

Kunal Shah, Principal Product Manager, ZPA
Kunal Shah has more than 10 years of hands-on product management experience in the field of Internet and Cloud Security, Networking, Data Path, IoT, NFV, DLP and Compliance, NPM and User Experience Monitoring.
Tony Fergusson, Director of Transformation Strategy at Zscaler
Tony has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and has been recently focusing his efforts on how to secure the enterprise and the internet of things using emerging technologies like software defined perimeter and cloud security.

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