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Unveiling Zscaler Business Analytics: Insights for a Fully-Focused Digital Transformation

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As IT and security leaders oversee the various aspects of their digital transformations, they are under ever-increasing pressure to control costs while also keeping risk at bay. A fundamental requirement of de-risking digital transformation is easy access to relevant data to guide the organizational journey, but data may be scattered across teams, making it challenging to get the necessary insights for effective decision-making.

A more streamlined approach is required so IT and security leaders can keep digital transformation on track by harnessing their current data and toolset for powerful analytics to power their digital transformations with less risk and cost.

Watch this on-demand webinar where Zscaler, the leader in cloud security, unveils leading innovations in Business Analytics to help you save money by reducing cyber risk and improving workspace efficiency.

You will learn how to:

  • Quantify and mitigate cyber risk for more proactive cyber risk postures and security transformation
  • Identify wasteful SaaS apps and optimize location usage for efficient application transformation
  • Enhance digital experience for end users to support productive network transformation