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Three Ways ZTNA Protects Against Ransomware in 2020...and Beyond

Ransomware is now using popular remote access VPNs as a Trojan horse to gain access to enterprise networks. This is frustrating for IT teams that are being asked to enable mobility for their users. Unfortunately, the technology they invested in to protect their business has been rendered obsolete.

We understand. We’ve helped hundreds of companies embrace a new approach to remote access. In this session join our customer Tony Fergusson, IT Infrastructure Architect at MAN Energy Solutions, and the Zscaler team to learn:

  • How cyber criminals are exploiting remote access VPNs with ransomware
  • Why Gartner is recommending ZTNA (zero trust network access) to protect sensitive data
  • About best practices and hear real-world stories

About Speakers

Tony Fergusson, IT Infrastructure Architect, at MAN Energy Solutions

Tony Fergusson is an Infrastructure architect, working with many technologies within the Enterprise with a focus on the Security. Tony has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and has been recently focusing his efforts on how to secure the enterprise and the internet of things using emerging technologies like software defined perimeter and cloud security.

Deepan Desai, VP Security Research & Operations, at Zscaler

Deepen Desai is responsible for running the security research operations at Zscaler ThreatLabZ. Deepen has been actively involved in the field of Threat Research and Analysis from past 13 years and has strong affiliations with various security working groups. He is passionate about finding and reverse engineering new malware payloads to neutralize the threat with effective countermeasures. Prior to joining Zscaler, he was a Senior Threat Research manager at Dell SonicWALL. Deepen holds a Master’s of Science in Computer Engineering from the San Jose State University.

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