3 Reasons VPNs Are Being Left Behind in 2020

2020 shined a light on many of the shortfalls of VPN. The increase in remote work led to challenges with scale, impacted user experience, and even drew the eyes of threat actors. VPN exploits rose to an all-time high through social engineering (i.e. Twitter) and ransomware attacks (ie. NetWalker, REvil, and Maze ransomware), and now nearly 70 percent of network and security leaders are looking to embrace zero trust alternatives over traditional VPN. (Cybersecurity Insiders, 2021)

Join Michael Alvmarken, Service Manager, Cybersecurity Technology, at Sandvik and Tony Fergusson, Director Transformation Strategy, at Zscaler as they discuss the three key reasons why VPNs are being left behind in 2020.

This session will cover:

  • Why you should rethink your use of VPN this year
  • How industry leaders are already shifting to an identity, device, and policy-based mindset to protect their crown jewel applications
  • Practical best practices for you to implement a Zero Trust Architecture for your organization

Tony Fergusson
Director of Transformation Strategy

Michael Alvmarken
Service Manager,
Cybersecurity Technology

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