Three Reasons ZTNA (also known as SDP) will Replace VPN

“Many enterprises will begin using SDP to deliver a more seamless user experience.” – Jon Oltsik, ESG Research.

It’s 2019 and your users are working from anywhere but the office, enterprise applications have migrated to the cloud or hybrid environment, and VPN is no longer the answer to private application access in this new world of user-to-app connectivity.

Concurrently, enterprises are rapidly leveraging zero trust network access (ZTNA, also known as SDP) to achieve remote access that is decoupled from the network for greater security and a fast, seamless user experience.

Join Steve Bonek, IT Security Manager at TRIMEDX, and Kunal Shah, Principal Product Manager at Zscaler, as they discuss the three reasons why ZTNA is replacing VPN. In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Why the network-centric VPN is no longer effective
  • What ZTNA (also known as SDP) is and how it works
  • The three fundamental differences between VPN and ZTNA
  • How your business can start leveraging ZTNA today

About the Speakers:
Steve Bonek is an accomplished IT Management professional with nearly 13 years of diversified information technology expertise. Being an experienced project manager, Steve has lead various technology support teams within the IT field, with emphasis on information security, endpoint protection, data recovery and report generation.
Kunal Shah has over 10+ years of hands on Product Management experience in the field of Internet and Cloud Security, Networking, Data Path, IoT, NFV, DLP and Compliance, NPM and User Experience Monitoring.