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The Path to Secure Workload Connectivity

Every day, mission critical workloads are being migrated to or created in public cloud environments to improve agility, performance, innovation, and more for organizations. However, in order to fully realize these benefits, the organization’s cloud security must also improve and move in lockstep with shifts from on-premises to the cloud.

While security solutions of yesteryear were appropriate for protecting workloads on-prem, it is imperative that organizations use modern security solutions specifically designed to address the new challenges created from using the cloud. One specific set of challenges is how to secure the connectivity of cloud workloads

In this session, join Zscaler expert Zoltan Kovacs, Principal - Workload Protection, as he shares how Workload Communications uniquely provides organizations secure cloud workload connectivity using zero trust architecture.

Highlights include:

  • Why legacy network security solutions are unfit to protect cloud workloads
  • How Workload Communications secures cloud workloads during runtime
  • How workload connectivity is secured when accessing the internet, workloads within a public cloud environment, and workloads located on different Cloud Service Providers

Zoltan Kovacs
Principal Field PM for Workload Protection

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