On-Demand Webinar

The future of healthcare, secured.

Healthcare delivery is changing rapidly. With patient care and improving patient outcomes top priorities, cybersecurity has become a strategic imperative across the healthcare continuum.

Healthcare organizations need to provide a way for patients and providers to securely access, manage, and monitor care with a consistent and continuous experience regardless of where the service is provided—all while meeting regulatory and compliance requirements.

Zscaler’s Zero Trust exchange enables healthcare organizations to securely modernize and accelerate the adoption of cloud and IoMT, improving patient outcomes. Join us for this webinar for an overview on how we can help your organization:

  • Manage Cyber Risk - Stop ransomware and safeguard your PHI data
  • Reduce Infrastructure costs and accelerate M&A time to value
  • Deliver on new care models through securing and simplifying the adoption of IoMT
  • Optimize the work from anywhere user experience with secure access for all users



Amit Chaudhry
Sr. Director, Product Marketing

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