The Future of CASB. Here’s Where it’s Headed

CASB is one of the hottest security solutions in the industry today. While it has tremendous potential to improve your data protection posture, its future is still being written. IT leaders are pondering some foundational questions as they strategize for 2021: Standalone or Platform? How will it integrate into SASE? Can it secure and improve the BYOD experience? What is the best architecture? Join Moinul Khan, Vice President of Product Management at Zscaler, and Brad Moldenhauer, Zscaler CISO - Americas West & Canada, to understand why CASB is the first step to air-tight security and how it can impact your data protection strategy.

Tune in to discover:

  • What type of architecture is best for delivering CASB
  • What a multi-mode CASB is and why it is important
  • How you can properly integrate CASB into a larger platform
  • What new game-changing features Zscaler is bringing to market
  • Guidance and best practices from real-life deployments

About the Speakers:

  • Moinul Khan, VP of Product Management, Zscaler

    Moinul Khan is the VP of Product Management at Zscaler responsible for data protection products and strategy. He brings more than 15 years of experience in enterprise security to his role. Moinul joined Zscaler a little less than a year ago from Palo Alto Networks where he led product management for Palo Alto Networks Global Protect, SaaS Security (CASB), and Cloud Infrastructure Security (CSPM) products. Before Palo Alto Networks, he had product management roles at Netskope, Juniper, and other tech companies in Silicon Valley.

  • Brad Moldenhauer, CISO - Americas West & Canada, Zscaler

    Brad Moldenhauer has 20 years of experience in the IT Security field, building and managing data security programs for government, healthcare, financial services and the legal industries. He is currently the CISO - Americas West & Canada for Zscaler.

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