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Part I: The Evolution of Ransomware

Since ransomware was first introduced in 1989 by Dr. Joseph Popp, this costly form of malware has grown into a global scourge on all types of businesses and public entities.

Watch the first part of our ransomware webinar series to better understand the best practices needed to build a strong security posture that defends against every type of ransomware affecting businesses today.

You’ll discover:

  • A history of ransomware beginning with its first public use
  • Common ransomware families showing similar code, methods or payloads
  • Shifting techniques that reveal the next steps in ransomware evolution

Don’t miss the ransomware insights that will help you keep your business safe.


Emily Laufer
Senior Product Marketing Manager for Threat Labz

Mark Brozek
Sr Manager Product Marketing

Erik Yunghans
Principal Product Manager

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