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10 Best Practices for Securing Your Hybrid Workforce with Next-Gen ZTNA

Work-from-anywhere is upon us, and in the midst of drastic change, organizations are looking for ways to secure their hybrid workforces without hampering the digital experience. This poses a serious challenge, especially given that legacy security architectures are still in widespread use and can’t handle the demands of hybrid work.

Industry analysts have determined that the next-generation zero-trust network access (ZTNA) framework is the most effective and efficient method for keeping hybrid employees safe from attackers, preventing data loss, and delivering an unhampered user experience.

This is great news for security practitioners, but the question remains—how can you help your organization turn this proven concept into a reality?

Join Zscaler experts Hema Halagatti and Dave Muhlbradt as they explore how next-gen ZTNA creates a more secure hybrid work ecosystem and the robust capabilities of Zscaler Private Access (ZPA), a next-gen ZTNA platform part of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange. Learn how ZPA’s cloud-native architecture allows you to extend zero trust to your work-from-anywhere workforce by:

  • Preventing known and zero day vulnerability attacks on private apps
  • Safeguarding private apps from compromised users
  • Securing remote access with industry best practices
  • Optimizing the user experience, wherever employees work from


Hema Halagatti (1).jpg

Hema Halagatti
Principal Product Manager

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Dave Muhlbradt
Sr. Technical Product Specialist

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