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Take Your Zero Trust Deployment to the Next Level with Active Defense

Cyberthreat prevention technologies are critical to organizations’ defenses, but aren’t sufficient on their own. Hundreds of millions of threats per day threaten organizations, and far too many succeed -- particularly as attacks become more sophisticated and targeted.

MITRE Engage is an objective framework that helps organizations bring their defenses to the next level with Active Defense. With Active Defense, security teams use decoys to divert and engage attackers, protecting critical assets while alerting security teams of an attack underway and allowing them to safely study the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of their adversaries.

Join Sahir Hidayatullah as he discusses:

  • Where traditional security approaches fall short against the modern threat landscape
  • How Active Defense solves these challenges while boosting threat detection and improves their threat posture
  • How to operationalize Active Defense using the new MITRE Engage model
  • How Active Defense integrates into a Zero Trust model to maximize effective threat prevention

Sahir Hidayatullah
VP, Active Defense
Zscaler (Ex-CEO, Smokescreen)

Dave Shackleford
SANS analyst and CEO of Voodoo

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