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Cyber deception with MITRE Engage for zero trust networks

Today’s advanced attackers are skilled at bypassing security controls using stealthy, human-operated tactics. Adding more detection technologies doesn’t necessarily help, as they just add to an overwhelming cacophony of low-fidelity alerts. Security teams need new and better strategies to address these threats.

MITRE Engage is a new objective framework for adversary engagement, deception, and denial activities. The capabilities represented in this framework make up a new layer of defense that enables security teams to more accurately and completely detect and understand ongoing attacks, improving incident response times and decreasing risk.

In this webinar, join experts from MITRE and Zscaler to talk about this framework and learn:

  • What are cyber deception and adversary engagement?
  • What is MITRE Engage?
  • How does deception fit into a zero trust architecture?
  • How do you integrate deception into your security toolkit?
  • What does deception look like in action?


Dr. Stanley Barr
Sr. Principal Cybersecurity Researcher

Bill Hill

Sahir Hidayatullah
VP Active Defense

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