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Struggle with Security Appliances? Lessons from OneMain Financial

With applications moving to the cloud and users working off-network more often, traditional secure web gateways (SWGs), such as Broadcom Blue Coat appliances, are becoming obsolete. And industry-leading organizations, including OneMain Financial, are quickly moving away from these antiquated devices.

Want to learn how? Join Steve House, vice president of product management at Zscaler, and Daniel Kelly, SVP of IT at OneMain Financial, as they discuss OneMain Financial’s journey to become a cloud-first organization.

Discover how OneMain Financial was able to break free from the struggles of its security appliances, including:

  • Best practices on migrating from traditional SWGs
  • Lessons learned from transitioning to a cloud-first world
  • How to deliver a better user experience for Office 365 traffic with lower operational headaches
  • How to achieve better and faster SSL inspection
  • How to better the minimize risks associated with traditional appliance approaches

About Speakers

Steve House has 20+ years of experience in the networking and security industries. He has worked for multiple market-leading organizations including Zscaler, Blue Coat Systems, Packeteer and CacheFlow where he has a consistent track record of helping them innovate and grow their market share.

Dan Kelly has been with OneMain Financial for 12+ years. He is currently the Vice President/Managing Director responsible for Network Services within Technology, which includes the Network Infrastructure, Network Operations Center, and Net DevOps groups. Prior to running the Network Services group, Dan managed teams responsible for enterprise monitoring, branch production support, infrastructure management, software development, and incident/problem management. Overall, Dan has over 25 years serving in several different capacities within technology. Dan spent several years at Capital One and Andersen Consulting prior to joining OneMain.

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