On-Demand Webinar
Stop the Apache Log4J Vulnerability and Prevent Future Attacks With Zero Trust

A devastating vulnerability was recently discovered in the popular Apache Log4j Java logging library that allows attackers to execute code remotely. If your enterprise security team is scrambling to assess the impact of this vulnerability to your own organization, Zscaler and the ThreatLabz research team would like to help.

In this webinar, join Deepen Desai, Zscaler CISO and VP of Threat Research, and Rick Miles, Senior Director of Product Management, as they cover everything we know about this vulnerability, including up-to-date information on:

  • What the CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability is, and how it’s been exploited in the wild
  • How to assess and remediate any potential impact to your organization
  • Steps Zscaler has taken to ensure protections for our customers and our cloud
  • How to use a zero trust architecture to strengthen your risk posture and minimize the impact of future vulnerabilities

Deepan Desai
CISO and VP of Threat Research

Rick Miles
Senior Director of Product Management

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