7 Reasons Why Firewalls are Unfit for Zero Trust

With 72% of enterprises actively prioritizing adopting zero trust, it is clear that it has become the new normal. Unfortunately, many companies are still running legacy firewalls on traditional castle-and-moat network infrastructure, which is not built for zero trust. Therefore, deploying zero trust with so many legacy moving parts seems like a daunting task. The cloud-first world needs a fundamentally different approach to zero trust which is decoupled from the underlying network, allowing a direct, fast, and secure connection from users to applications regardless of location.

Watch this webinar and learn why legacy firewalls, in any form, are not built for zero trust. This session will detail:

  • Identifying clear signs that your firewalls are unfit for zero trust
  • Making your case to break free from legacy approaches and adopt zero trust
  • Learning how Zscaler Cloud-gen firewall can help you get there faster



Kamil Imtiaz
Director Product Marketing

Stefan Sebastian
 Principal Product Manager

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