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Seven Elements of Highly Successful Zero Trust Architecture

Organizations of every size are accelerating digital transformation to become more agile—but in the process, they’re greatly expanding their attack surfaces and exposing themselves to new threats. Once-stalwart castle-and-moat security architectures built on VPNs and virtual or physical firewalls are ill-equipped to address these new challenges.

IT and security teams need to rethink networking and security, moving away from perimeter-based and network-focused solutions. That’s why today’s progressive leaders are turning to zero trust. But what exactly is zero trust? What are the essential elements of a true zero trust solution? Crucially, how do you successfully implement a zero trust architecture across your organization?

Watch this on-demand session with our experts as they explore zero trust and how to securely connect users, devices, and workloads to applications from anywhere. You’ll learn:

  • What zero trust is and isn’t
  • Challenges of castle-and-moat architectures and legacy solutions
  • Seven elements of a true zero trust architecture
  • How to successfully implement zero trust for your environment

Nathan Howe
VP, Emerging Technology

Sanjit Ganguli
VP, Transformation Strategy/Field CTO Global

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