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Secure AWS Workload Posture to Reduce Risk

As organizations increase their AWS footprint, the concern about the security of sensitive data stored in AWS S3 storage and accessed from outside the organization also increases. Several of the most well-known data breaches have involved misconfigured and unsecured Amazon Simple Storage (S3) buckets that resulted in exposed millions of customer data records. Hence, securing sensitive data on the AWS platform is a top priority for many organizations.

Join Cloud Security Sales Engineer Max Shirshov to learn about a more secure approach for protecting sensitive data in AWS S3 storage using Zscaler Workload Posture. The session will also review some critical AWS S3 bucket data security gaps and a short live demo of Zscaler Workload Posture for securing sensitive data in AWS S3 storage.

Key topics in this webinar will be:

  • Common security gaps: Challenges and causes of AWS S3 buckets misconfigurations
  • Implications: Understand how misconfigured AWS S3 buckets make your critical data publicly accessible
  • Prevention: How to prevent AWS S3 storage exposure from turning into costly breaches
  • Demo: Discover how Workload Posture capabilities can help you enforce AWS security best practices to bolster security for Amazon S3 with live demo.

Max Shirshov
Cloud Security Sales Engineer

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