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Rethinking VPN: Modernize Application Access in a Work-From-Anywhere World

For years, teams have relied on connecting remote users to apps by placing them on the corporate network where the apps reside, leveraging a virtual private network (VPN) to backhaul traffic from the user’s remote location to an inbound gateway (which includes the VPN concentrator) hosted within the company’s data center. This backhauling results in serious latency complications, leading users to bypass the VPN altogether. Not to mention, these appliances must also be managed and patched frequently to prevent outdated security postures.

With the accelerating adoption of remote users, attackers are fully aware of this prime opportunity to strike. The number of cyberattacks exploiting VPN servers is at an all-time high.

Join Lisa Lorenzin, Director of Transformation Strategy at Zscaler, and Randy Herold, CISO and CPO at ManpowerGroup, as they discuss how Manpower Group leverages Zscaler Private Access to provide secure, flexible remote access for the modern environment.

Join the conversation to learn:

  • How to weigh the decision on whether to renew VPN and risk exploits or find a new alternative delivering on zero trust, more scalability, and superior user experience.
  • How the rapid expansion of users needing remote access to applications affects company policy and security with legacy technologies.
  • How to deliver a seamless user experience in a pandemic... and beyond.

About the Speakers:

  • Lisa Lorenzin

    Lisa Lorenzin is the Director of Transformation Strategy at Zscaler, specializing in secure access to private applications. She has worked in a variety of Internet-related roles since 1994, with over twenty years of focus on network and information security, and has contributed to open standards for endpoint integrity and network security from the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) and Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Lorenzin is currently concentrating on software-defined perimeter / zero-trust architecture and seamless user experience across cloud and mobile environments.

  • Randy Herold, CISO and CPO, ManpowerGroup

    Randy Herold is the Chief Information Security and Chief Privacy Officer for ManpowerGroup, responsible for overseeing ManpowerGroup’s Information Security and Privacy efforts globally. Prior to joining ManpowerGroup Herold held technology leadership roles with PHH, Chubb/ACE Group, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Nielsen/Arbitron and multiple government defense contractors. He has received various technology related certifications and is a member of numerous security and technology professional organizations.

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