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Ransomware Threat Update: Defend Against the Latest Attack Trends

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UNC3944 and BlackCat have taken over the headlines with a new wave of high-profile ransomware attacks on casinos and other industries, continuing an upward trend of damaging attacks impacting global organizations. Earlier in 2023, the Zscaler ThreatLabz research team reported that ransomware attacks have grown 37% since 2022, with the average cost of an attack reaching a whopping US$5.3M. Learn how you can protect your organization.

This on demand webinar will cover:

  • How recent attacks tie into broader ransomware trends being tracked by Zscaler ThreatLabz
  • Four key areas to prioritize when building your defenses against ransomware
  • How the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange delivers comprehensive protection across the ransomware attack chain, and which capabilities you should deploy for maximum coverage