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Ransomware in 2022: What You Need to Know and How to Prepare

Throughout 2021 we saw high-profile ransomware attacks taking over headlines and capturing public attention. In 2022, we have already seen the new Log4j vulnerability exploited by ransomware gangs and a CISA advisory warning telling businesses to prepare for an increase of ransomware attacks on the US supply chain in 2022 and beyond.

When it comes to defending against ransomware attacks, it’s critical that your SecOps team understands up-to-date trends and best practices, including:

  • What puts an organization at higher risk for a ransomware attack?
  • Are backups the only line of defense?
  • When is it best to just pay the ransom?
  • How can we build better immunity to protect against ransomware attacks?

Watch our webinar with Zscaler’s Principal Product Manager for Cloud Sandbox and veteran ransomware expert Erik Yunghans, and Emily Laufer, Senior Product Marketing Manager for ThreatLabz at Zscaler, to learn the answers to these questions and gain a better understanding of how implementing zero trust is the only effective strategy for ransomware defense.

During this live event, Erik and Emily will showcase the hands-on zero trust strategies using the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange to build highly effective defense programs against the most advanced ransomware attacks.


Erik Yunghans
Principal Product Manager Sandbox

Emily Laufer
Senior Product Marketing Manager Threat Labz

Jason Rivera
Director of Strategic Threat Advisory Group

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