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Private Property, No Trespassing: Stop Threats from Gaining Access

Your network provides access to corporate resources, business applications, and sensitive data—and adversaries want in. Hybrid work and cloud apps open new attack surfaces and dissolve the security perimeter. Attackers exploit the newly vulnerable areas to deliver polymorphic and zero-day threats. Existing security measures cannot prevent entry and trespassing as these exploits move laterally and exfiltrate data. To reduce your risk, you need a defense-in-depth strategy that layers AI-driven malware prevention and endpoint protection with a zero trust architecture.

Learn how Zscaler and CrowdStrike jointly empower security and IT teams to:

  • Mitigate against malware using initial access, execution, and persistence techniques with AI-driven protection
  • Leverage bidirectional threat intelligence across endpoints, networks, and cloud applications
  • Prevent lateral spread with automatic adaptive access policies and endpoint remediation


Chris Kachigian
Sr. Director of Global Solution Architecture

Erik Yunghans
Principal Product Manager

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