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Powering the Modern Workplace with Zscaler and Microsoft

Over the next decade, 40% of the S&P 500 companies will cease to exist due to competition. Almost every business is aggressively adopting cloud, increasing their use of SaaS apps and allowing private apps to no longer run solely in the datacenter, but also the public cloud.

In order for IT leaders to maximize the value of cloud investments, ensure business continuity, help acquire remote talent, and support the emergence of hybrid work, companies must enable a modern workplace.

In this session you will learn how Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Zscaler power the next generation of modern workplace across all your apps—in the cloud and on premises; we will:

  • Show how to deliver business continuity and hybrid work while ensuring great user experience
  • Share actionable use cases that enable faster access and improved productivity with Microsoft and Zscaler’s integrated solutions
  • Lead a thoughtful discussion on how to embrace and deploy zero trust to protect your business digital assets while enabling modern work

Join us in helping your people and teams thrive, protect sensitive data, and propel the business forward and take a dive deep into the integrations between Microsoft and Zscaler.


Steve House
SVP of Product Management

Mandana Javaheri
Global Senior Director, Cybersecurity Strategist

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