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New Zero Trust Innovations to Radically Simplify Public Cloud Workload Security

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As organizations shift their workloads to the public cloud, ensuring their protection becomes paramount. Alarmingly, a IDG survey reports that 35% of customers struggle with increased costs in cloud management and cloud security. Safeguarding public cloud workloads has emerged as a significant challenge for organizations embarking on their digital transformation.

Watch this exclusive on-demand webinar as Zscaler, the leader in cloud security, unveils groundbreaking innovations in cloud workload protection. Hear from Jay Chaudhry CEO of Zscaler, Dhawal Sharma, SVP of Product Management, and Brian Lazear, VP of Product Management discuss innovations that will help you:

  • Learn about cutting-edge solutions for preventing zero day attacks and securing data through cloud-scale TLS inspection, segmentation, and data protection
  • Discover how these new advancements enhance the zero trust platform, enabling organizations to safeguard their workloads across major public clouds (AWS/Azure/GCP)
  • Explore programmable interfaces to automate security deployments