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New and Improved for Modern Work: IPS and Unknown Malware Protection

Old, reliable intrusion prevention system (IPS) and advanced threat protection (ATP) tools were essential for stopping attacks against data centers and servers. But clever threat actors have unfortunately found weaker points to target: vulnerable users and misconfigured cloud apps.

When every minute counts during a cyberattack, don’t rely on yesterday’s tools against today’s threats. Legacy IPS and out-of-bound sandboxes struggle with visibility and threat protection for off-network users and remain costly to deploy, patch, and upgrade. Instead, reinforce your security and network operations with an always-on approach that includes real-time signature detections, AI-driven quarantine for suspicious files, and adaptive policy updates.

Watch our on-demand webinar to explore the latest trends and hear from Zscaler security experts about how Zscaler Firewall and Zscaler Sandbox differ from existing tools.

You’ll learn how:

  • Cloud-delivered web and non-web IPS protects against threats across all ports and protocols
  • Inline sandboxing with intelligent quarantine functionality stops unknown and unique malware variants
  • The SOC ecosystem can benefit from a managed threat library that provides full user, file, and app context


Amy Heng
Product Marketing Manager

Stefan Sebastian
Principal Product Manager

Erik Yunghans
Principal Product Manager

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