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Moving from Appliances to Cloud Security with Orange County

There was a time when gateway appliances like Blue Coat’s were the best approach for delivering network security. But with applications moving to the cloud, users working off-network, and the rise of SSL inspection, such network security approaches are deficient. It’s time to transform, and it’s up to IT departments to lead the way!

Join KC Roestenberg, CTO and Deputy CIO of Orange County and Steve House, VP of Product Management of Zscaler to hear how to break free from the struggles of appliances struggles.

Learn about:

  • Real-world insights from the County of Orange on their deployment journey with Zscaler
  • Why you can’t do SSL inspection properly with Blue Coat
  • How Zscaler helps you scale Office 365 traffic better than appliances
  • Why you’ll never have to worry about another network change window again

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