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Managing the Long Tail of Log4j

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to buckle in and prepare for the long process of dealing with the Log4j / Log4Shell (CVE-2021-44228) vulnerability, used in millions of websites and applications.

The official lists of newly discovered sources and exploits related to this historic flaw are being updated daily. While thousands of patched updates have already been issued, the industry is still waiting for thousands more while bracing for the reality that many instances may never be patched.

With every organization facing the long-term risks of the pervasive Log4j vulnerability, it's critical that your SecOps team prepares for a cybersecurity marathon, consisting of an effective plan for continuously managing the scale and complexity of this serious threat.

Watch our webinar to learn how to create an effective SecOps plan for handling Log4j, including best practices to proactively:

  • Expose threat activity
  • Test your defenses
  • Eliminate threat vectors

Danny Connelly
CISO Americas, Public Sector

Emily Laufer
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Threat Labz

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